In quest of pithas

Assam has a treasure trove of recipes for a wide variety of pithas.

Why is Bihu, essentially, a celebration of nature?

By Krishanu Kashyap From a spontaneous outburst of celebration (“Mukoli Bihu”) in open fields to organised celebration of “cultural nights” in the cities— Bihu has come a long way. But

Then and now

By Parismita Singh In this fast changing world, it is time to rediscover Bihu through the eyes of the young.There are a few memories of childhood that feel indelible,

Powerloom-woven gamosas leave indigenous weavers high and dry

Powerloom-woven, cheap gamosas from outside the State have flooded the State’s markets, affecting the indigenous handloom weavers.

New insect species from Kosovo named after coronavirus

London, April 13: A team of scientists have named a small caddisfly -- native to a national park in Kosovo -- after the Coronavirus pandemic. The Potamophylax coronavirus was collected

1 dead, cop injured in US high school shooting

Washington, April 13: One person was shot dead and a police officer was injured during a shooting at a high school in the US state of Tennessee, police said. A

COVID-19 pandemic 'a long way from over', says WHO chief

United Nations, April 13: Even though more than 780 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have now been administered globally, the pandemic is "a long way from over" but it can

Cyclone-related deaths in Indonesia reach 177

Jakarta, April 12: The death toll from the floods and landslides triggered by tropical cyclone Seroja in Indonesia's East Nusa Tenggara province has increased to 177 with 45 still missing,