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Xomidhan - Q&A CAREER

By The Assam Tribune
Xomidhan - Q&A CAREER

Q: How can I know if I am interested in pure science or engineering? I am in Class XI (Science).

A: It is, indeed, a great dilemma choosing a field of studies while entering HS (Higher Secondary). However, it is not too difficult for you to identify your interests.

Primarily, one needs to identify one’s prospects whether one is inclined towards the business sector/NGO sector, research and advanced studies, or government services/military jobs.

Self-analysis based on various factors should help you understand your inner thoughts:

1. What have been your natural hobbies, activities that you might have been engaged with (such as environmental activities, or maybe you are into gaming or tech)?

2. What subjects attract you subconsciously (if writing and innovation interests you)?

3. How much of yourself likes sitting and studying or do you like outdoor activities more?

By Class XI, you have had enough time to know which subjects you enjoy studying and have the potential to score well in versus those that you dislike. It is important at this stage in your decision-making to be conscious and aware of your strengths and weaknesses. A good place to start is by making a list of:

1. Subjects you would like to continue

2. Subjects you would like to discontinue and

3. Subjects you are confused or unsure of

For subjects you are confused about, you should ask yourself questions like:

* Do I really like Mathematics?

* Am I good at it and could I be better if I had the right guidance and coaching?

* Am I willing to spend time practising maths to improve my grades in Class XII?

Today, higher education courses like Masters have a wide variety of subjects from all streams and options of mode, whether one wishes to go for regular or distance mode; so look for a suitable stream and a subject of your natural interest.

Another counsellor has responded as such: As far as one’s interest is concerned, it is subject to change with time. For e.g., a person who is a qualified researcher may realise much later in life that his passion lies in creating music. I will give you my own example: I qualified AIEEE (engineering entrance) but I hated machines and anything related to software. Hence, I didn’t go for it even after bagging a seat in NIT Silchar in the Civil stream and took up pure science. Sometimes, I do question myself if I had made the right choice but I am happy with my choice and made the best out of it; I never wanted to be an engineer. So, just consider what is it that you truly want and how you see yourself in 10 years. Above all, consult your family and pray to the Almighty for guidance. Things will work out in the end, they always do.


Query answered by: Taralim Basistha, Cabin Crew in JET Airways and Dr Ishani Chakrabarty, Assistant Professor, University of Science & Technology, Meghalaya.

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