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Wild elephants create panic in south Jamuguri

By Correspondent

JAMGURIHAT, Dec 20 - In search of food, a herd of wild elephants created havoc at the villages of south Jamuguri area recently. However, the villagers alleged that the forest officials have done nothing to save their households and crops.

The herd destroyed paddy fields, houses at villages like Borbhagia, Panpur, Hakama, Laletapu, Khalihamari, Chitolmari, Chengalimara, Pachigaon, Basudeva Than, Habipal, Aamdara, Dighali Chapori, Bhoroli Chapori, Gomiripal, Botiaroka No-1 and No-2, Naramari, Kachamari, Uppar Talakabari etc.

According to the villagers, the wild elephants come out from Kaziranga National Park every night in search of food and go back in the morning. The villagers also urged the concerned department and the Government to issue relief to the affected people.

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