Aizawl, March 3: Wedding tourism, also called “destination wedding,” which has become a new trend across India, has faced objections from at least two churches in the conservative Christian state of Mizoram.

The State Tourism department has made a proposal to major Christian denominations in Mizoram to promote wedding tourism in Mizoram where wedding ceremony would be held in designated locations out of the churches, which have been objected to Mizoram Presbyterian Church, the state’s largest denomination, and The Salvation Army.

The proposal for wedding tourism, or marriage tourism, aims to attract both domestic and foreign tourists to Mizoram.

Mizoram Synod Moderator Rev Dr C Lalhlira said that such kind of wedding ceremonies are against the practice of the church and could not be accepted as the Presbyterian Church regards wedding ceremonies as a solemn and sacred.

The 'Kohhran Thianghlim', also rejected the appeal made by the Tourism for use of the 'Solomon's Temple' at Chawlhhmun in Aizawl for conduct of Wedding Tourism.
Owing to its majestic structures, Solomon Temple has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Aizawl.

The Kohhran Thianghlim, however, allowed the front of the Solomon's Temple for shooting wedding photos.

While the United Pentecostal Church (Mizoram) authorised its local churches to make decisions on the matter, the Seventh Day Adventist Church reserved the decision to the couples to be married and said that the pastors or other clerics would be able to make arrangements in such cases.

The Baptist Church of Mizoram, the second largest church in the state, and the Catholic Church were yet to give responses to the proposal of the Tourism Department, official sources said.

Of late, India has become a hotspot for wedding tourism with both NRIs and foreigners choosing wedding with all its traditional rituals.