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Website aims at promoting Assamese cuisine

By Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, July 13 - After the successful launch of the world�s first Anglo-Assamese (English and Assamese) social networking website in January this year, AirJatra has, soon after the Ambubachi Mela, introduced their new website with the vision of promoting Assamese cuisine across the world.

The traditional Assamese food and snacks are organic and nutritious when compared to many other snacks and fast food available in the market today.

�People are tired of junk food and unhealthy snacks flooded in the market these days,� said Shatabdi Borkakoti � one of the directors of AirJatra. �The healthy options are either too expensive, or too blunt, or too cumbersome to prepare. The range of products we endorse on can be prepared easily, and are delicious and nutritious at the same time.�

She further said that the preparation of some of these snacks was as simple as adding water/milk to it, and the delicious snacks is ready for you. �These snacks have been a part of the Assamese tradition for centuries, but have rarely been exposed to the world outside the region. You can even be creative enough to experiment with the taste of them and share your new recipes on� is a unique concept in India. It is an online marketplace for organic low-fat, low-calorie delicious and nutritious food and snacks.

�One of the special products listed on�, adds Borkakoti, �is Joha Saul. It is a unique variety of special aromatic traditional fine grain rice grown in Assam and some other parts of the North-East. It can be used for preparation of Pulau, Payas/PayasamKheer, Pongal/Khisiri, etc., and even as a daily delicacy. Komal Saul is another well-preserved secret wonder of Assam. This variety of rice can be consumed after soaking in water for some time. It does not require cumbersome cooking,� she said.

The motto of is �Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy.� In many of the Indian languages, amar means �eternal or long-lasting� and adda means �a place where people gather to achieve an objective�.

The promoters of the website have mentioned that they have plans to include traditional snacks from all across the country in the near future so that a healthy lifestyle can be a part of the progressive people.

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