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UNTABA asks Nagaland Govt to stop land survey

By Correspondent

DIMAPUR, June 20 - The United Naga Tribes Association of Border Areas (UNTABA) has asked the Nagaland Government to desist from undertaking any survey for demarcation of border land between Nagaland and Assam on the basis of the 1925 notification.

Stating that the 1925 notification is completely detrimental to the historical facts of Naga people over their land and territories, the UNTABA in a statement, quoting reliable sources, today said the Government of Nagaland has directed the Land Revenue & Survey Department, district administration and village authorities to undertake survey on the now infamous �Notification of 25/11/1925�.

UNTABA chairman Hukavi T Yeputhomi and joint secretary Ruchuyhun Keppen said the notification has not been mentioned in either �Naga Hills-Tuensang Area Act� of 1957 nor in the �State of Nagaland Act� of 1962 and that it can never be the basis for inter-State boundary demarcation as it is under litigation for almost 30 years in the Supreme Court.

It said the Government of Assam, in its Civil Suit No. 2 of 1988 filed in the Supreme Court against Ministry of Home Affairs, Election Commission of India and State of Nagaland, had been insisting and pleading on 1925 notification to be the basis of inter-State boundary demarcation.

During the process, the Government of Assam unilaterally prepared �16 Toposheets� and �22 Toposheets� so as to justify their claim of 1925 Notification to be the basis of demarcation, it stated. However, it said, the Supreme Court had so far denied such unilateral claim in the litigation process undergoing presently.

When the fact of the issue is such, how can the Government of Nagaland undertake such erroneous step which is completely detrimental to the historical facts of Naga people over its land and territories? the UNTABA asked.

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