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Tree felling in Gandhi Park resented

By Correspondent

NORTH LAKHIMPUR, May 24 � Cutting of trees in Gandhi Children Park in North Lakhimpur has been resented by the common public and nature lovers. The park run by North Lakhimpur Municipality Board has a line of trees, Ronga Aezaar popularly known as the May Flower on its north side which provided shades to the pedestrians besides enhancing the beauty of the entire area which also has the official residences of the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police, Lakhimpur. The trees were cut deep low as part of the trimming operation which is done annually.

Reacting to this, Dr Prabal Saikia, the secretary general of Green Heritage, a well known conservationist group of Lakhimpur, said that the felling of the trees at the peak season of new leaves and blossoming is a very atrocious act towards nature. He said that the fore-branches of the trees should be trimmed down during the fall or winter season when the weather is cold and there are no leaves on the branches.

The May Flowers which bloom abundantly during this season has been a source of natural beauty to the area and a shady canopy for the pedestrians.

But the indiscriminate felling of these trees which number more than dozens has exposed the park to the heat of the summer besides destroying the beauty of it. Green Heritage has demanded action for those responsible for the incident by the concerned authority.

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