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Tragic death of a child on a ferry

By A Correspondent

MAJULI, Nov 9 - A three-year-old girl child, died on a ferry on Tuesday in the midst of the Brahmaputra.

According to sources, Gautam Pegu�s three-year-old daughter Tehchina, of Na-Bhonga Gaon, Shri Ram Panchayat, Jengraimukh Police Station, was being treated for some disease of the stomach at the Garamur Pitambor Dev Civil Hospital, Majuli.

On Tuesday, the hospital management sent her to Jorhat for better medical treatment. The father Gautam Pegu informed that he had called up the 108 service many times, but when he got no positive response from it, he took his child to the Kamalabari Ferry Ghat in a vehicle and from there in a ferry to Jorhat. The ferry, began its journey at 7.30 am from Kamalabari Ferry Ghat, Majuli to Nimati Ghat.

But unfortunately, the child died before her arrival at Jorhat. A very tragic scene was created in the ferry when the child died in the lap of her helpless parents, in the middle of the river Brahmaputra. After the ferry arrived at Nimati Ghat, the parents again returned to Majuli with the dead body of their daughter in another ferry, called �Swarga Rath.�

When they arrived back at Kamalabari Ghat, the parents broke down; their tragedy searing the hearts of the people present at the site. But this is not an isolated incident. This is the story of all Majulians. Till today, the number of people of this river island, who were sent to Jorhat for better medical treatment, and lost their lives on the ferry in the midst of Brahmaputra, is uncountable. If there was a better transportation system in Majuli, Tehchina may not have lost her life at such a tender age.

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