Subodh Kumar Sarma

Do you have ‘that one thing’ in life that makes you happy when you look back? Do you often wonder about what you wanted to be and what you have achieved so far? Satisfaction in what you do is of immense importance to provide meaning to your life and to nurture your mental health. One may work very hard, earn lots of money, and live a lavish life, but one may be devoid of satisfaction in what one does. It may have a detrimental effect on one’s mental health. Hence, living a meaningful and satisfied life is, indeed, important to lead a healthy life.

In today’s fast moving life, with excessive use and impact of social media, our attention spans are decreasing day by day. So, how difficult is it to find ‘that one thing’?

Life is very complex and we can’t know it all. Probably no one can! Life offers so much and we can’t have it all. Also, we can’t do it all as our time is limited. So, finding ‘that one thing’ will have to be something very individual. The next big challenge is to remain coherent. Social media can often distract us from our goals. We end up comparing ourselves with others and start getting upset. So, it is very important to be in love with ‘that one thing’ that we have, forever.

Now, the question is, how do we find ‘that one thing’ in life? First and foremost, we will have to remember that we can’t have it all or do it all. So, set your goals. How and where would you like to see yourself in the future, maybe after five years or 10 years? Then, break it down to this year, this month, this week, today, and right now.

What if you don’t have ‘that one thing’ in life? Well, as long as you are doing well in life, chances are that you will not even think of ‘that one thing’. But, there is a strong possibility that either you will be stressed out, unhappy, or you will regret not having ‘that one thing’ in the later part of your life.

But, how much time do you need to invest daily for ‘that one thing’? The answer is very simple – just an hour or two in a day! If you really put in that much time every day, it will add up to a whole lot. It adds up faster than you think. ‘That one thing’ can also be the comeback point in life because we often don’t know what and why are we doing what we do. We often don’t have a clear answer to the question, “What did you do today?” We often need to reinvigorate ourselves to keep us going.

It may be something that we pray for in those quiet moments, any meaningful work, a lasting and rewarding relationship, or anything with no regrets. So, if you are really passionate about ‘that one thing’, it may actually help you to give meaning to your life. It may help you to celebrate life instead of just living it. ‘That one thing’ is actually your conscious choice!