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True inspiration lies within yourself.Dibyajyoti Sarma is a poet and publisher, based in New Delhi. His works include Glimpses of a Personal History, Pages from an Unfinished Autobiography, and Book of Prayers for the Nonbelievers. He has also made his mark as a translator. You can say I was

Learning to stay happy

Jishnu Shreya Choudhury, Class-VIII, Shrimanta Shankar Academy, Dispur, Guwahati. “Mom, what kind of a cap have you gifted me? The colour is so odd,” said Rocky, angrily. Rocky, a ten-year-old, who always used to complain about various things to his mom, had again started his day with another complaint. “Oh!

Exams during coronavirus

Udeeta Borpujari, Class-VI, Army Public School, Jorhat. “Annual exams are knocking at the door! The dates have already been declared and it is going to be offline.” Vamika could not believe her ears. She was very happy as it was the first offline exam that year. At the same time,


Mayukh Hazarika, son of the legendary Jayanta Hazarika, is a well-known singer in his own right, with albums like Aniruddha, Sokuye Jodi Kotha Koi to his credit. He is also a veteran journalist. Ultimately, what you do is your own decision.I consider my late father’s legacy to be

Eyes wide shut

Your mental health can be affected by your sleep.When it comes to good mental health in teenagers, sleep is an important element. Teenagers are living through a very difficult period of their lives. There is pressure of balancing school, dealing with hormones, peer pressure, etc. On top of that

One year in my life…

Moorchana Borah, Class-VII, Sampoorna Kendra Vidyalaya, Dibrugarh. Oh! I still remember that morning; my exams were over and I was enjoying my morning cup of milk. It was then that my father gave us the news about the coronavirus; the deadly virus that’s spreading all over the world. The