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Swine fever takes heavy toll on domestic pigs in Dhemaji


DHEMAJI, March 4 - Deadly swine disease, which reportedly broke out in Uttar Dhemaji and Jonai area of Dhemaji district during early February this year, is spreading to different rural areas.

The swine fever caused by a virus is taking an epidemic form at Sissitongani area under Dhemaji sub-division, which is taking a heavy toll on domestic pigs.

According to report, swine disease is spreading to almost all rural areas under Sissiborgaon circle for the last few days. High rate pig mortality rate at Deori ghat, Kareng, Sissi Tongani, Vekeli, Keba Rango, Digholi, Oyengiya has been reported by the local villagers.

It is reported that many carcasses of domestic pigs have been found floating on Tongani river flowing down from Laipuliya in Uttar Dhemaji area. The rotten bodies are making the environment of riverine areas polluted thereby posing a serious health hazard to local villagers.

Large-scale mortality of domestic pigs in the area is causing concern among the pig farmers of the district. The local people of Sissitongani have appealed to the District Veterinary department to take prompt measures to control the epidemic and save valuable livestock.

Swine fever, a highly contagious viral disease, in its most virulent form, can be 100% lethal for domestic pigs and wild boars. It affects no other species and notifiable disease in most countries of the world.

District Veterinary department in association with Mising Autonomous Council, Gogamukh conducted a series of vaccination camps to prevent swine disease in the district, but it could not cover some parts due to lack of stock.

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