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State scientists get patent for marketing patchini

By Correspondent

TEZPUR, June 4 � Four scientists of the State � Akhil Baruah, Subhan Chandra Nath, Ajit Kumar Hazarika and Jiban Chandra Kakoti have been awarded patent for the marketing and production of oil and spice from patchini (Cinnamomum pauciflorum).

Baruah is senior lecturer of Botany at Darrang College while the other three are researchers at North-East Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as RRL) at Jorhat.

Akhil Baruah informed that the bark of patchini is being used as substitute for cinnamon among the tribal people of Meghalaya. Patchini (Cinnamomum pauciflorum) has enough economic viability due to the high content of cinnamaldehyde in its leaf oil. It is known as �Soto Dalchini� in the N C Hills of Assam.

He further informed that indiscriminate felling of trees by the locals has also led to the destruction of the medicinal plant. In the natural conditions of Meghalaya, the plant attains a height of 10-15 ft. Baruah further added that the plant can be cultivated like tea if the climate condition is favorable.

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