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State Govt appeasing �Bangladeshis�: BJP

By Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Sept 2 � The national vice-president of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Bijoya Chakravorty on Friday slammed the Tarun Gogoi-led Congress Government for following a �Bangladeshi-appeasing� policy.

Addressing media persons here, Chakravorty pointed out that the population explosion in the State in the last decade was proof of the Tarun Gogoi Government�s tilt towards Bangladesh.

�Between 2001 and 2011, the population of Assam registered increased by 45 lakh. Now at the 23 per cent birth rate in Assam, such huge increase in population is not possible. So, it is easily understandable how the population of Assam has been increasing at an incredible rate,� said Chakravorty pointing out that already the existence of the indigenous communities were at stake on account of unabated infiltration and if the Congress government continued to patronize the Bangladeshis, the situation would go out of hand.

Chakravorty said that the Congress has always ignored the interests of the State for retaining its vote bank and such politics has created much turmoil. �Before transferring land to Bangladesh, Tarun Gogoi should insist on Bangladesh to hand over land belonging to Assam and to take back its citizens,� said Chakravorty.

On the other hand, Chakravorty also criticized the government for failing to address the civic problems of the capital city, the gateway to the North East. She said that the city has been plagued by endless civic problems like scarcity of potable water, overflowing drains, artificial flooding etc, but except providing assurances, the government has not been able to resolve these problems.

Referring to the rampant corruption here, Chakravorty said to clean all the muck in the State, several Anna Hazare�s would have to come out on to the street.

�To save Assam from a catastrophe, all will have to become Anna Hazare and raise their voices,� said Chakravorty.

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