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5 Essential Factors To Consider When Buying A Router For Traveling

By The Assam Tribune

In this age, having an internet connection all the time is a must. However, there can be instances in which there is no network available and we are unable to connect to the internet. This is usually the case when we are traveling and there is no network or WiFi network nearby. When such a case happens then it obviously becomes difficult to connect to the internet and people who need to stay connected to the internet all the time, well, it is a huge problem for them.

For such cases when you cannot access the internet on the go, you can take the help of a travel router. A travel router or portable router is a device using which you can access the internet on the go and since it is portable and lightweight, you can carry it with you anywhere you go. It is a very useful and interesting innovation that allows us to access the internet almost everywhere, whether you are visiting Assam, Nagaland, or any other place, a travel router will have you covered.

But keep one thing in mind that not every portable router is alike just like laptops and mobile. There are different factors that you need to take into consideration when you will be buying a travel router. Let's have a look at those factors:

1. Battery Life

For any travel router, battery life and battery duration are very critical. Since you will be using a travel router mostly for traveling purposes when you visit someplace, having a long battery life is necessary for travel routers. While traveling, you won't have an electric plug nearby to connect your router to be charged and that's why having a long battery life is necessary for any good travel router.

On average, most of the travel routers have a battery life of 5-6 hours but you can find routers that will have more and less battery life than this. Obviously, everyone wants a long-lasting battery and you should definitely go with the one that has long battery life.

2. Ethernet Port

Since most people use multiple devices, especially their laptops when they are traveling, it is important to have an Ethernet port in a travel router. With the help of an ethernet port, you can directly connect your laptop to the router to improve stability, speed, and avoid connection interruptions.

There are now travel routers available in the market that have ethernet ports available and using these ports, you can directly connect your laptop to the router. So, if you have a laptop or computer then it is advised to go for the travel router that has ethernet ports available.

3. Maximum Speed

After the Ethernet port, the next thing that you need to consider before you buy a travel router is the maximum speed that the travel router supports. Maximum speed can be a decisive factor in choosing a router because better speed means better and faster results.

If you buy a travel router that has a good battery, has an ethernet port too, and also supports multiple devices simultaneously but has poor maximum speed then you won't be satisfied with the router. Make sure that you have a look at both maximum download speed and maximum upload speed before you make the final decision.

4. Supports Multiple Devices

Along with speed, you also need to make sure that the travel router that you are going to buy can connect multiple devices simultaneously. While traveling, you might also have to share the internet with your peers or family members and in such cases, it becomes important that your portable router can support multiple devices simultaneously.

Most of the travel routers support up to 10 devices simultaneously but you should check for it before you buy one. After you have bought one, visit the default gateway address of the router which is in most instances but for routers, it can be or any other private IP address. From the default gateway, access the admin interface of the router and enable this feature of support for multiple devices.

5. Network Compatibility

You should also make sure that the router you are buying also has compatible network support too. 4G support has usually become the norm of the industry and in India, you will find all network providers having 4G support, so that's why it is important that your router has 4G support.

If you are traveling somewhere abroad then you should go for the one that has 5G support. 5G is gradually being rolled out in different countries of the world and wherever you are planning to travel, you should buy accordingly.

These are some of the main factors that you must take into consideration before you make the final decision. These are the important factors and if you consider all of these then you won't be having any sort of problem with the router that you will select.

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