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Simenmukh villagers crying for basic needs

By Correspondent

SILAPATHAR, May 2 � Due to the alleged negligence of the authorities concerned, the villagers under the Simenmukh GP have been living in extremely harsh conditions. The Simenmukh GP comprises Simensola, Simenmukh, Simen Major, Simen Tengabari, Chandanpara, Sola Hajong, Simenbali, Simen Alimur, Bangapara, Balikuti and other villages.

Even after more than six decades of Independence, the villagers of Simenmukh GP have no access to electricity. The people of the area have been using kerosene lamps at night. But the artificial scarcity of kerosene has added to their woes. The students of the villages have been affected the most due to this. The Power Department installed electric posts several years ago, but no wiring has been done for the electricity supply till date.

The education scene in the area is also in a poor shape. Several high schools like the Sarvodaya High School, Sengjan Majarbari High School, etc., and ME schools like Aryabatta, Lama, Gyandeep, Ravindra Nath, Chengajan, Majarbari, etc., have not been provincialised. Even several provincialised LP schools like Bagaribari, Balikuti, Majgaon, Baligaon, Chengajan, Majarbari, Kashinath, Nalbari, Simen Alimur, Ananda Nagar, Sungkarang Adarsha, Solapathar, Simensola, Simenbali, Mising Chapori and Majarbari Asomiya are in a dilapidated state. The Chengjan Majarbari LP School was almost washed away by the Simen river last year. The school has been operating in a ramshackle condition near the river. Though the State Government has been making tall claims about development of the education scenario, the ground reality in the area presents a very gloomy picture.

The flood-affected people of the area have been demanding pure drinking water for a long time. The water supply scheme at Simen Sola has been lying idle since the installation of the project 22 years ago. Moreover, the flood-hit people have no irrigation facilities. The villagers have to use only traditional methods of cultivation.

Several educated youths from the area have moved to other cities like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru in search of jobs. They have been engaged as daily wage workers, security guards, waiters and other menial jobs in those cities despite their educational qualifications. Floods and erosion have constantly wrought havoc in the area.

The 20,000-odd population in the area depend on a mini health sub-centre located at Kabo Kuli Gaon. The poor families of the area have appealed to the authorities concerned of the Health Department to provide proper medical facilities. The people have to travel a long distance for proper treatment. The bad road communication has added to the problems of the patients.

The Simenmukh State Dispensary is located at Lama Borgara under the greater Simenmukh GP, Dimow GP, Silasuti GP and Muktiyar GP. Due to inadequate number of doctors and nurses and insufficient medicines, poor patients have been facing a lot of problems. The State dispensary is being run by an Ayurvedic doctor. A few months ago, the Medical Department had appointed two doctors in the area, but they departed after completing 18 months of training.

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