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Musk calls Meta 'copy cat' for planning to launch Twitter-rival

Musk calls Meta copy cat for planning to launch Twitter-rival

Photo: IANS

San Francisco, March 12: Twitter CEO Elon Musk on Sunday mocked Meta for planning to launch a dedicated Twitter-like social media application and called it "copy cat".

It all started when the music news website Daily Loud posted: "Mark Zuckerberg's Meta exploring plans to launch a rival to Twitter."

On this, a user asked: "Why is he like people who are mad at Elon musk, I'll make an alternative because everyone loves me and Facebook so much."

Commenting on this conversation, Musk said: "Copy cat."

Several users expressed their thoughts on Musk's post.

While one user said: "I'm sure people will by dying to join another Meta platform plagued with 'independent fact checkers' suppressing conversations and content moderators taking down memes. Sounds fun!"

Another commented: "Facebook should start making rockets and electric cars as well since they are so 'good' at what they do."

Recently, it was reported that Meta is building a dedicated Twitter-like social media application for people to post text-based updates.

The product is still in its early stages, and no release date has been set, but legal and regulatory teams have already begun to investigate potential privacy concerns surrounding the app to address them before launch.

Several rival platforms have launched or gained traction in the months since Musk took over the micro-blogging platform - among them include Mastodon,, and T2.

Earlier this month, Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey came back into the social media game, with the launch of his Twitter alternative called 'Bluesky'.

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