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Instagram is now 3rd most popular mobile app in South Korea


Seoul, May 14: Photo sharing app Instagram overtook Naver, South Korea's leading internet portal, as the third most popular mobile app there in terms of usage time last month, industry data showed on Tuesday.

South Koreans spent a combined 20.9 billion minutes on Instagram in April, according to the data by mobile market research firm Wise appㆍRetailㆍGoods.

It marked the first time Instagram out stripped Naver to become the third most used smartphone app here since Wise app began compiling such data in March 2016. People collectively spent 20 billion minutes on Naver in April, reports Yonhap news agency.

The global video streaming platform YouTube was the longest used application last month at 102.1 billion minutes, followed by KakaoTalk, South Korea's top mobile messenger, at 32.5 billion minutes.

Following Instagram and Naver, short-form video hosting service Tiktok ranked No. 5 with usage time of 6 billion minutes, Naver Webtoon ranked No. 6 with 4.9 billion minutes, and X, formerly Twitter, came in at No. 7 with 4.8 billion minutes.

Wise app said that South Koreans are spending more time on social media, noting the usage time of Instagram increased by more than 5 billion minutes over the past year.

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