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�Sanjay Singh�s nomination unconstitutional�


GUWAHAT, Jan 28 � DN Chakravartty, senior journalist, has appealed to the Gauhati High Court to declare the nomination of Sanjay Singh, the Congress candidate for Rajya Sabha as unconstitutional and to declare the nomination as null and void.

Chakravartty, protesting the constitutional and legal validity of the nomination filed by Sanjay Singh, said the Constitution of India in its Fourth Schedule clearly indicates that anyone who is a bonafide voter of a particular State could only be considered for nomination for the Rajya Sabha. �There is no provision for any outsider for nomination to the Rajya Sabha as the constitutional body as its name signifies, is a house manned by only the bonafide citizens of a particular State,� Chakravartty pointed out.

He said that the nominations of Dr Manmohan Singh and Sanjay Singh are completely unconstitutional and are tantamount to violation of the basic characteristic of the Constitution of India. He called for timely intervention by the Gauhati High Court as it would enable the Assamese people to safeguard their constitutional rights of electing a local for the Rajya Sabha.

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