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Rs 1286-cr Central aid so far to State for flood management

By The Assam Tribune
Rs 1286-cr Central aid so far to State for flood management


NEW DELHI, Feb 4: Central assistance amounting to Rs.1286.39 crore has been released to Assam since the start of Xl Plan for Flood Management Programme (FMP).

On March 7, 2019, Union Cabinet approved the comprehensive scheme titled “Flood Management and Border Areas Programme (FMBAP)” with an outlay of Rs 3342 crore for the period 2017-2020 with merged components from the existing Flood Management Programme (FMP) and River Management Activities and Works related to Border Areas (RMBA) schemes. The scheme has been extended till March, 2021.

The Central Water Commission (CWC) uses the latest technology for flood forecasting in Assam, with the Centre claiming that the techniques and methodologies used are at par with international standards.

In reply to a question by Pradyut Bordoloi in the Lok Sabha, Minister of State for Jal Shakti, Rattan Lal Kataria said for flood forecasting the CWC uses the latest technology, including remote-sensing, Geographical Information System (GIS), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in development/ running/ formulation and calibration of Mathematical models for providing Inundation Alerts.

Referring to expansion of Flood Forecasting Network (FFN), Kataria said that currently the CWC flood forecasting network has been expanded to 328 Flood Forecast Stations (198 Level Forecast for Villages and Town on the bank of the rivers and 130 Inflow Forecast Stations for Dams and Barrages) covering 23 States including 20 river basins for taking proper mitigation measures by respective State Governments.

About modernisation of data collection, the Minister said that the hydro-meteorological data collection and transmission is being modernised through the use of satellite based automatic data acquisition system.

On modernisation of Flood Forecast Formulation, he said that CWC is formulating three-day advisories of floods using Satellite based real time rainfall estimates and three-day rainfall forecast through Numerical Weather Prediction models being shared by IMD on a seamless fashion. Mathematical model has been used for formulation of advisories, which are shared with stake holders through a dedicated website.

About modernisation of dissemination of flood forecasts, Kataria said that dissemination of flood forecasts have been modernised by having a dedicated website.

Real Time Data Acquisition System (RTDAS) is part of the National Hydrology Project and will continue up to March 2024. Assam is also covered under this project.

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