RAINI (Uttarakhand), Feb 20: A team of researchers arrived in Pang village on Saturday to inspect the artificial lake formed over Rishiganga after the recent avalanche and gauge how big a threat it poses to areas downstream.

The team led by USAC Director MPS Bisht and consisting of four scientists each from the Geological Survey of India and Uttarakhand Space Application Centre will try to reach the lake on foot.

With roads in the area around Raini Gram Panchayat washed out in the recent flash flood and vast stretches turned into swamps, the team is being accompanied by a mountaineer from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering and SDRF jawans to ensure their safe journey to the lake.

“We will inspect the lake formed over Rishiganga by the huge volume of sludge that came from Rauthi stream due to the avalanche,” USAC Director Bisht said.

Sonographic equipment from the Indian Navy are being used to measure how much water is contained in the lake, he said. – PTI