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Rampant deforestation in south Kamrup alleged

By A Correspondent

BOKO, Jan 16 - The Forest Department of South Kamrup, or the district administration does not seem to be aware that rampant deforestation is allegedly going on in the area or does not know how to preserve or conserve the forests. The local villagers say that they want to help the Forest department by sharing or giving information, but the forest personnel do not want to take their cooperation.

Everyday more than 100 cycles carry firewood from the forests. Moreover, daily three to four trucks loaded with charcoal go to the Chaygaon industrial estate.

The villagers say that if anybody wants to see deforestation they should come to Ukium, Lumpi, Hahim, Larubama etc., in South Kamrup. Gopal Boro, a local villager from the area expresses his bitterness when asked about the deforestation in the area. His 11-year-old daughter says that she knows what type of a threat looms upon all humanity due to deforestation, but the big people � the MLA, the DC, the DFOs etc., do not seem to be aware about the problem and the government need to arrange awareness programmes for them.

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