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By The Assam Tribune

Sailen Baishya

The fourth edition of the State-level Swadesh Adhyayan Mega Quiz competition was organised on January 20 by the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) at their office premises. Teams representing 21 districts participated in the event. After three semi-finals and a grand finale, the Kamrup Metro team (represented by Barnil Medhi, Debanit Dutta, and Samujjal Gogoi) emerged as champions. The second position went to Sivasagar (Bulanchi Handique, Samsun Gogoi, and Satyabrat Raj Dowari) while the third position was bagged by Jorhat (Nabajyoti Neog, Mukunda Bora, and Nabajyoti Konwar). The show was conducted by yours truly on behalf of Trivia Bytes, Guwahati.

In today’s Master’s Choice section, do enjoy a set of questions asked in the fourth edition of the Swadesh Adhyayan Quiz Competition by AHSEC. Meanwhile, keep writing to us with quiz reports, questions (with answers and full postal address) and interesting bits of information to: Quiz Zone, Horizon, C/o The Assam Tribune, Maniram Dewan Road, Guwahati. SMS or WhatsApp me at: 98640-26322 and e-mail at: [email protected] or [email protected] To read Quiz Zone online, you can log on to


1. In 1669, one of the most tragic battles, the Alaboi Battle, was fought between the Ahoms and the Mughals, causing the death of about 10,000 Ahom soldiers. Which date has been recently announced by the government to be observed as Alaboi Martyr’s Day?

2. According to the Yogini Tantra, a famous source of ancient Assam, which mountain range formed the Northern boundary of ancient Assam or Kamrupa?

3. Name the river which forms the western boundary of the proposed Raimona National Park in Kokrajhar district of Assam.

4. River Kolong originates between which two hills in the Jakhalabandha region of Nagaon district?

5. Assam got its first railway line in 1881 between which two places?

6. This beel of Assam is the second largest seasonal wetland in Asia. River Singda, which originates in Manipur, is the source of this beel. Name it.

7. Name the second Muslim invader to come to Assam in 1227 AD. He was killed by Nasiruddin, the son of Delhi Sultan Iltutmish in Assam.

8. This famous waterfall of Assam is called the ‘Mini Niagara of Assam’, and is also a worshipping place for the followers of Shiva. Name it.

9. Golai and Bogapani are the two major elephant corridors of which national park?

10. In 1609, during the reign of Pratap Singha, the Paik system was organised by Momai Tamuli Barbaruah. There were two types of Paik. What are they?


11. Indelible ink, used during elections to mark a voter and prevent electoral fraud, contains a chemical which stains the skin on exposure of ultraviolet light, leaving a mark that is impossible to wash off and is only removed when external skin cells are replaced. Name the chemical used in indelible ink. (Pranjit Kalita, Guwahati)

12. The Commonwealth of Nations, normally called Commonwealth, is an inter-governmental organisation of how many original independent member states? (Sikha Borah, Charaideo)

13. Which countries were jointly declared as the winners of FIDE Chess Olympiad 2020? (Jintu Mochahary, via SMS)

14. Name the Indian politician, currently leader of the All India Kisan Sabha, who was elected to the Lok Sabha eight times representing the Uluberia constituency of West Bengal? (Rim Baruah, North Lakhimpur)

15. Who was the leader of the British Army who defeated the three allies of Mir Qasim, Shuja ud Daula, and Shah Alam II in the Battle of Buxar? (Adish Agarwalla, Moranhat)

16. The birth anniversary of which freedom fighter is to be celebrated as “Parakram Diwas” every year? (Mayuri Nath, Guwahati)

17. Name the Governor General of India who took a leading role in introducing the widow remarriage system in Indian society through a piece of legislation in 1856. (Subrata Dutta, Tangla)

18. Known as the Great Red Spot, this atmospheric feature has been seen since the 17th century on which planet? (Parineeta Hazarika, Tezpur)

Picture Clue:

19. Picture Clue: The first Sikh guru, Guru Nanak Dev, visited this place in 1505 AD and met Srimanta Sankaradeva on his way when he travelled from Dhaka to Assam. Identify this historically important place. (Simi Hazarika, Nagaon)


20. It is India’s oldest music label which was established as the first overseas branch of Electric & Musical Industries Limited (EMI) of London. The first song recorded in India by Gauhar Jaan in 1902 and the first sound film made in Bollywood – Alam Ara in 1931, were under this music label. The company is the largest in-perpetuity global owner of both sound recording and publishing copyrights of Indian music across 14 different languages. The RPG Group took over the company from EMI in 1985 and markets its products under a new label since 2000. Name the music label. (Dr Jayanta Kumar Sharma, Senior Scientist, Horticultural Research Station, Guwahati)


1. August 5, 2. Kanjagiri Mountain, 3. Sonkosh, 4. Kukurakata and Hatimura Hills, 5. Dibrugarh to Margherita, 6. Shon Beel/Son Beel, 7. Ghiasuddin Bakhtiyar, 8. Panimur Waterfall (Dima Hasao district), 9. Dihing Patkai National Park, 10. Kanri Paik and Chamua Paik, 11. Silver Nitrate, 12. 53, 13. India and Russia, 14. Hannan Mollah, 15. Major Hector Munro, 16. Subhas Chandra Bose, 17. Lord Dalhousie, 18. Jupiter, 19. The Gurudwara in Dhubri, 20. Saregama. It was earlier known as HMV.

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