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Psychiatrists prescribe calm, reasonable thinking to fight anxiety


GUWAHATI, March 27 - Amid the COVID-19-induced lockdown which has posed a challenge to many people, psychiatrists of the State have advised people to do reasonable thinking which will prove helpful in overcoming financial uncertainty in coming days.

Talking to The Assam Tribune, noted psychiatrist Dr Jayanta Das said, �The lockdown already has a psychological impact on the common people. This is because it is for the first time that we are facing such a situation. Spread of coronavirus across the globe has been possible because of the good communication facilities. So, at present lockdown is a viable way to prevent it.�

Dr Das stated that the current situation has aroused anxiety and stress among the public, which is very dangerous since a medical emergency situation already prevails.

�Stress reduces immunity in human body. So we have to control it. The situation is very crucial for everyone as we have to face scarcity of food and other items. But we should be calm. The stress will be in control if we maintain our daily routine. Since now we have enough free time, we can engage in creative activities like reading, writing, gardening, cooking, singing, etc.,� he said.

Dr Das also advised people to maintain personal hygiene and to do regular exercises and meditation, which is necessary to prevent infection.

�The present situation will also have an impact on children. As it is impossible for them to indulge in outdoor activities, we should try to engage them in different ways. Allow them to connect with friends through digital media. Overall, I am very confident that normalcy will return soon,� he added.

Another psychiatrist Dr Sangita Datta said, �It is an unusual situation for all of us, so it certainly has a psychological impact. The time is very tough especially for nuclear families and lonely persons. Again, for a large section of people, this lockdown may cause anxiety about an uncertain future due to financial reasons.� She advised that it is time to be alert to the situation and not rely on rumours, as the lockdown is the only way to save ourselves from the pandemic.

�We should try to adjust with the situation. So keep yourselves busy with different activities. Spend time with your family and practise your hobbies. Moreover, do reasonable thinking which will be helpful in facing the financial situation after the lockdown. Because everything will become normal soon,� Dr Datta added.

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