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Priorities more important than promises

By The Assam Tribune
Priorities more important than promises
First-time voters in State keen to be part of election process

City Correspondent

GUWAHATI, March 16: Even as political parties are making promises to woo young voters, the first-time voters in the State will chose priorities over promises. Overall development, safety of women and basic infrastructure and political accountability are their primary expectations from the next government.

Kabir Chakraborty from Guwahati who will cast his vote for the first time wants a government which will lay emphasis on real issues rather than selling unreal and impossible ideas.

“The root problems must be addressed and corruption should be taken seriously. The government must focus on development of the poor classes and promote self reliance,” he said.

Highlighting issues like unemployment, corruption and price rise etc., Chakraborty said he will vote for the candidate which cares for the people, interacts with the voters and focuses on grassroots issues.

Twenty-two-year-old Anindita Roy from Guwahati is excited to vote for the first time in the Assembly election after voting in the Lok Sabha Election in 2019. For her, the coming government should be more concerned about making Assam a corruption-free State.

“There are many issues including social, political and economic issues to be taken into consideration, in order to improve the prevailing condition of our State. I hope that the incoming government will take prominent steps to solve issues like unemployment by creating more job opportunities – both in the government and the public sector,” she said.

“Moreover, I urge the political parties to emphasise more on the Education sector. Skill development schemes should be introduced in order to develop the education system. Women safety and issues like domestic violence, rape need to be addressed properly,” she added.

“Being a responsible voter, I will exercise my franchise in favour of the candidate who promises to fight against the prevailing social evils and who has a vision for development of our constituency,” 19-year-old Mriganka Hazarika of Sootea said.

Anindita Kalita who is also from Guwahati wanted issues like Assam floods, communal violence and problems faced by the students to be solved in the next five years.

“I want overall development. The promises made by the candidates or political parties before elections should be implemented after they are in power,” she said adding that she is following social media, web portals, newspaper analysis for better understanding of the election scenario of the State.

For her, the candidate should have proper knowledge in every sphere, not just in terms of economy, but the issues of students and women as well.

Pratiti Katyayan of Dergaon said that proper facilities and opportunities in terms of education and capability of the leaders to understand the problems at the grassroots-level are the issues which for her are the most important.

Another first-time voter Trishna Kalita of Rangiya said that she will vote for the candidate who has good communication skills, contribution towards the society and is devoted to his work.

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