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Portion of Golakati embankment caves in

By Correspondent

JAMUGURIHAT, July 25 � A portion of the No. 6 embankment at Golakati, which protects the southern part of Biswanath Chariali and Chatiya from the ravages of the swirling Brahmaputra waters, was incidentally inundated in 2012, causing a massive deluge in the southern part of Chatiya and Jamugurihat.

Hundreds of villages were under flood waters in three successive waves of flood, while the waters were as high as 7 to 10 feet. The department thereafter constructed a 5-km long guide embankment in the area by entailing a cost of Rs 26 crore. The embankment was allegedly constructed with sandy soil without any proper turfing.

It is presently seen that a vulnerable portion of the said embankment has caved in during the recent heavy rains. The concerned people have therefore questioned why the department is playing with the lives of thousands of people by constructing such an embankment. They alleged that the embankment has been constructed not to protect the people, but to benefit the contractors and officials of the department.

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