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Picnics banned in Kamrup Metro along Brahmaputra

By City Correspondent

GUWAHATI, Dec 25 - The Kamrup Metro district administration has prohibited, with immediate effect, amusement activities like picnics at all locations along the Brahmaputra riverbank in the entire district till the picnic season is over.

The administration also directed the Deputy Commissioner of Police and the circle officers concerned to restrict picnicking on the Brahmaputra riverbank, or any other water-bodies within their respective jurisdictions, wherever there is a threat to life and property of people in general.

The order further stated that at picnic spots other than the riverbank, all picnic activities must be completed strictly by 4 pm every day till the end of the picnic season.

It has been observed that large gatherings of picnickers along the river Brahmaputra in different places of the district in the winter season use non-biodegradable items made of plastic, etc, which later make their way into the water and pollute the same, posing a threat to the aquatic flora and fauna and the entire aquatic ecosystem. It has also been observed that the soil existing by the side of the river is generally loose and wet in nature, due to which the wheels of a vehicle may get stuck in the soil. Such an incident occurred on the evening of December 23 at Hatisila, Chandrapur, in which around 200 vehicles were left stranded for the entire night due to the presence of loose soil on the riverbank, the district administration order stated.

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