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People urged to approach authorities online

By Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, June 17 - The Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) has asked the people applying for building permission in the city to approach the authorities directly, if facing any problem in the service delivery system, which has been made online.

Vouching for the transparency in the online building permission process, the GMDA authorities stated that the online system is expected to be transparent, faster, uniform and devoid of any human interpretations of the norms of the byelaws.

The Guwahati Building Construction (Regulation) Byelaws, 2014, came into force with effect from February, 2014, with the provision of two-stage building permission. In this, the planning permit is issued by GMDA, based on which the building permit is issued by the Guwahati Municipal Corporation and other local authorities within the Guwahati metropolitan area.

According to the GMDA authorities, under the provision of these new building byelaws, the GMDA has issued about 2440 planning permits to the GMC and other local authorities. The online systems, however, would be complete and more effective only when the same system is also introduced in the GMC, which is working on it and is likely to complete it soon.

The online building permission was introduced with effect from October 2015 and after the initial hindrances, with the mechanism being a new one, the process has been smooth so far, claimed the authorities.

�Initially, the process took some time due to the adjustment with the new software, and also because of the time taken for capacity building of Registered Technical Personnel (RTPs) and officials for getting acquainted with the new process, the process is now running effectively. So far we have trained 500 RTPs, who are actually dealing with the proposal online on behalf of the applicant,� said a statement from the GMDA chairman Dhiren Baruah adding that any objection or suggestion as regard to service delivery can be brought to the notice of GMDA for further necessary action.

Also clarifying that the process could not be delayed due to personal intervention of any official, the sources in the GMDA added that the status and movement of the files are indicated to the RTPs and applicants through SMS in a transparent manner, without leaving the scope for intentional delays.

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