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Oxford to review �Assamese� definition in its dictionary

By Sanjoy Ray

GUWAHATI, Sept 5 - The Oxford University Press based in the United Kingdom has assured to review the entry of �Assamese� in its Oxford Dictionary of English after it got the definition wrong, triggering an uproar in the social media.

The most widely read category of dictionary Oxford Dictionary of English, published by the Oxford University Press with ISBN 978-0-19.9571123, in its UK edition, has defined Assamese as a language related to Bengali and even claimed that it is spoken by around 23 million people, roughly half in Assam and half in Bangladesh.

Not just that, even the Oxford online app, which is one of the most popular online dictionaries, also has the same definition.

When contacted over email, Ella Percival, Communications Manager, Global Academic Division, Oxford University Press, UK, stated, �We strive to make our dictionaries as accurate as possible which is why we are grateful when people provide us with suggestions of definitions that might need updating. Our editorial teams will review the entry for �Assamese� as soon as possible...�

Asked as to how much time it should take for the editors concerned to rectify the error, Ella in a subsequent email said, �Due to the nature and detail of the review process, we anticipate that it will take a few weeks. Our Editorial team will be looking at the entry for �Assamese� over the coming weeks and I expect to be able to let you know the outcome of this by the end of this month.�

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