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NSCN-IM says imposition of election not acceptable

By Correspondent

DIMAPUR, Jan 23 - A week after Election Commission of India announced the schedule for Nagaland Assembly election, NSCN-IM on Tuesday has made it clear that imposition of such election is not acceptable to the Naga people who are for an early negotiated political settlement.

According to the outfit, the decision taken by Government of India/Election Commission of India to hold election is bound to undermine the progress of the ongoing talks between NSCN and Government of India and become a serious obstacle towards finding an early political solution.

In a statement, it said those who advocate the �imposed election� do not stand for the interest of Naga people. �We are seriously critical with such people or group as they do not contribute towards finding lasting political solution,� it cautioned.

NSCN-IM said this statement has been given in national interest to inform the Naga people in general on the issue of election in Nagaland.

Asserting that they are committed for an early negotiated political settlement that is honourable to both India and Nagas, the outfit said Nagas have sincerely come very close for political solution appreciating the steps taken by Government of India in seeking political solution and leaving aside military solution.

It pointed out that subsequently, after nearly five years of political negotiation in 2002, the Government of India officially recognised the unique history and situation of the Nagas and on August 3, 2015 the Framework Agreement was signed between NSCN and Government of India.

Stating that it sincerely appreciates the stand and wish of Naga people for an early political solution and no election, the NSCN-IM reiterated its position for an early political solution that will usher in peace and added that Government of India must exercise political will to take steps accordingly.

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