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Genetic Coincidence: Aizawl primary school enrols eight pairs of twins

By The Assam Tribune
Genetic Coincidence: Aizawl primary school enrols eight pairs of twins

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Aizawl, May 14: In a remarkable display of genetic coincidence, the Govt. College Veng Primary School in Aizawl is grabbing the attention of people in the city as a picture of eight pairs of twins gracing its school went viral on social media on Monday.

The 16 children, comprising seven pairs of identical twins and a pair of fraternal twins, all enrolled in the same school, is indeed exciting news for the faculty of the primary school.

Lalventluanga, the Headmaster of Govt. College Veng Primary School, said that the school has had twins in the past semester but never a record-breaking eight pairs enrolled in a year.

“The teachers were discussing this morning, and to our delight, we realised that we have eight pairs of twins studying in various classes. Last year, we had four pairs,” H. Lalventluanga said.

The headmaster said that these twins are from three localities: College Veng, ITI, and Salem Veng.

He added, “We have one fraternal pair, four pairs of girls, and three pairs of boys studying in our school. KG 1 has two pairs of boys, one fraternal pair, and one pair of girls. KG 2 has one male pair, while Class 1 has a pair of girls, and another two pairs of girls in Class 2.”

In fact, the fraternal twins are the headmaster’s children. He said that his twins Remruatdika (M) and Lalzarzovi (F) are currently studying in KG 1 and that they will turn 5 years old on July 21.

Lalventluanga also highlighted that, besides their school, Govt. Rev. Thianga Primary School in Bethlehem locality has four pairs of twins enrolled in the school.

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