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No more administrative set-ups on basis of community

By R Dutta Choudhury

GUWAHATI, Jan 17 - In a major policy change, the Government of India has decided not to go for any new political and administrative set-up on the basis of ethnicity or community.

Highly placed sources in the Government of India told The Assam Tribune that in the past, such political and administrative set-ups were established on the basis of ethnicity and community, but in some cases, it created new problems while trying to solve one. That is why the Government has taken a policy decision of not creating any new political and administrative set-up on the basis of ethnicity or community, sources said.

Sources said that from the past experience it was seen that creation of such administrative set-ups on the basis of ethnicity or community created difference of opinion among cross sections of people, who have been living together for centuries, and that is why the Government decided not to even encourage such movements.

Sources, however, said that in a democracy, any organization has the right to launch movements in support of their demands and on its part, the Government would hold talks with any organization that launches democratic movements. The Government is of the view that dialogues are the best way to solve problems and the grievances of any group of people would be addressed in the best possible way. There can be reasons for grievances among different sections of people, but that should not lead to creation of administrative set-ups on the basis of ethnicity or community, sources said. Any solution of the problems should be inclusive and if any new administrative or political set-up has to be created, that should have the views of all the stakeholders and all sections of people living in that particular area.

Sources pointed out that even the policy of carrying forward the talks with the NSCN (I-M) was changed immediately after the present Government took over and a decision was taken to go for �inclusive solution�. For years, the talks were going on only with the NSCN leadership. But after the present Government assumed office, efforts were made to engage all the stakeholders, including the civil society groups, elected representatives and other organizations of Nagaland in the process, as they all should have a say in the final solution of the political issues. Efforts were also made to understand the genuine grievances of the people of Nagaland before reaching the final settlement with the NSCN (I-M), sources added.

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