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Japan CEO moves to India, says "World needs Indian leadership"

By The Assam Tribune
Japan CEO moves to India, says World needs Indian leadership

Guwahati, May 12: In a bid to understand the culture and the country, a Japanese firm’s CEO, Naotaka Nishiyama, relocated to India recently in the month of April.

The founder and chief executive of Tech Japan, who moved to Bengaluru, was amazed by India’s diversity and values.

In a LinkedIn post the CEO wrote “World needs Indian leadership. It has been a month since I moved to India, and once again I am amazed at the diversity of values in India. It is a miracle that India is one country despite being a large country with various religions, races, and values. It is a good opportunity to think about leadership, as India is in the election season now."

Naotaka further mentioned “"In socialist countries and military-like organizations, the traditional top-down approach has been effective. However, in today's unstable and uncertain society, it is necessary to move forward in a collaborative manner, taking advantage of diverse ideas. When a top-down approach is based solely on the ideas of a dictator, many blind spots occur."

"The India way’s leadership the world needs today. The world is chaotic place, with a diverse mix of values and power balance. It is definitely India that can move this forward,” he further added.

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