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Naga society going through dark phase: Jamir

By Correspondent

DIMAPUR, May 9 - Odisha Governor and former Nagaland Chief Minister SC Jamir has expressed pain that Naga society is going through a dark phase, be it socio-politically or in economic aspect, as there is division, suspicion and lack of proper vision. Jamir said Nagas have to be blamed for the division within the society and not anyone else.

Addressing the Moatsu festival, the premier festival of Ao Nagas, organised by Jangpetkong Senso Telongjem, Mokchung at Imkongmeren Sports Complex in Mokokchung recently, he said the present generation should take up the challenges to re-build the Naga society from all these negativity, to re-kindle the spirit of oneness and truth which is a legacy left by our forefathers in our nation building. He maintained that division in our society comes from within and it can only be restored when we start to seek the truth and change our mindset.

While stressing the need to keep pace with the fast changing world, he said we need to prepare ourselves with new ideas and vision so that we can compete with the rest. He pointed out that the biggest problem in Naga society is not about our political issues but lack of employment faced by the growing number of educated Naga youths. �It should be seriously pondered upon and addressed at the earliest,� he stated.

Taking a serious note of Centre�s Look East Policy, he said the influx of people both from mainland India and South East Asia might have an impact on our social, cultural and Naga identity. �Therefore, we should be prepared to safeguard our society.� He reiterated that it is high time for the Nagas to have a reality check so as to march forward in unison with the rest of the world. As the Naga society has been plagued by problems after problems and moving directionless, Jamir said someone has to stand up and shoulder the responsibility to lead the people out of the present crisis.

While stating that the identity of a society becomes evident through its culture, Dr Jamir said celebrating festivals like Moatsu, the identity of the Aos and various tribes gains its prominence.

On Naga issue, Jamir said in the beginning it was only the NNC when all Nagas stood united to fight for sovereignty. But the unity was short-lived as people forgot God and division and bloodshed amongst the Nagas started, he lamented. This further led to creation of more groups, he added. He made a clarion call to all saying it is time now for the Nagas to voice out the truth without any fear. While pointing out that Naga solution cannot be tailor-made by Government of India, Jamir said it is the Nagas who have to prepare for solution acceptable to all and to negotiate with the Central Government.

He, however, regretted, �It is difficult to make out which is the head or the tail� because Naga people does not know what is going on and what is being discussed without consulting the people.�

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