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Naga Hoho calls for halt to �military operations� on Myanmar border

By Newmai News

DIMAPUR, April 8 - The Naga Hoho has alleged that �when the whole world is combating a pandemic � COVID-19, a joint military operation in the north-western parts of Naga Self-Administered Zone (SAZ) bordering India in Sagaing Region of Myanmar is being launched by the governments of Myanmar and India�.

In a press release issued to media houses today, the Naga Hoho said that people from these villages are appealing to both the governments for �peace, tranquillity and development in the field of education, healthcare and socio economy in Naga hills and not war�.

The Naga Hoho said that it has expressed solidarity to �our Naga brethren� and called upon the Government of Myanmar and the Government of India to cease all �military operations as they only impact the lives of the ordinary men and women who are made to live in constant fear and trauma borne out of years of war and conflict in their homeland�.

Recognising the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UN Secretary General had also called armed groups across the world for a global ceasefire, which has been supported by many ambassadors worldwide, added the Naga Hoho release.

�This same spirit must also apply to India and Myanmar government as well,� it added.

Echoing the voice and sentiments of the Nagas in Myanmar, �we appeal for peace, tranquillity and development in the Naga hills,� the Naga Hoho said.

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