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Modi appeasing China, says Gogoi


GUWAHATI, June 23 - Lack of dexterity of the Narendra Modi-led Central government in conducting diplomatic and foreign policy affairs has resulted in India steadily losing its influence in our immediate neighbourhood even as the Centre�s �appeasement� on the Galwan Valley incident has emboldened China, former Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has said.

Speaking to The Assam Tribune, the veteran Congress leader said that the Indian government must act tough to deter China from engaging in any more provocative acts.

�Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a man of only rhetoric and not of action. We have suffered serious setbacks one after another on the diplomatic front under the Modi government. Our immediate neighbours are no longer with us. We are alienating our neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and The Maldives. Even the USA has taken a neutral stand on the India-China issue. US President Donald Trump has only shown interest in mediation. He has not spoken in favour of India,� said the three-time Chief Minister.

Gogoi alleged that Modi�s recent comments on the Galwan Valley incident were an act of �appeasement�.

�The Prime Minister�s statement has helped the Chinese cause. Modi has virtually endorsed China�s stand that it has not violated the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Does it not amount to appeasement? The Prime Minister has virtually surrendered Ladakh. Even Japanese newspapers have termed Modi�s statement �appeasement�. Modi is giving away Indian territory,� said Gogoi.

Asked how the Central government should act at this moment, Gogoi said, �We must take action. The whole of India wants that. We have to recover our territory.�

He accused the NDA government of failure on the diplomatic and political fronts.

�They are belittling the supreme sacrifice of our bravehearts. It is an insult to our 20 martyrs who laid down their lives bravely resisting the Chinese Army... Why is there talk of status quo ante if there is really no intrusion? That means they (Chinese) have intruded into our territory. That is why there are talks at the lieutenant general-level and also talks about disengagement,� said the senior Congress leader.

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