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Misinformation campaign on in cyber space


GUWAHATI, July 19 - With the date for publication of the final draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) drawing closer, efforts to launch a misinformation campaign even in the international level is gathering momentum. However, the police and security forces as well as the Central agencies are keeping a close watch on the situation to prevent any law and order situation after the publication of the NRC.

The rumour mongers are mostly using the cyber space to launch misinformation campaign against the NRC updating process and such efforts are taking place even in the international level. Such rumour mongers have also individually targeted the State Coordinator of NRC, Prateek Hajela, who is only carrying out his constitutional duty under the monitoring of the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, security sources told The Assam Tribune that the website, where inflammatory comments were posted against the process of updating the NRC, is a cyber platform based in Canada and anyone can register in the site and post comments. It is not easy for the security agencies to trace out the persons making such comments, while, at the same time, it is difficult to keep tab on the comments made in all such websites. In the platform, highly communal comments were made against the process of updating the NRC, while, there were persons who even targeted the State NRC coordinator.

Sources said that though the police and security agencies are keeping watch on the social media, it is difficult to track each and every post made in such cyber platforms and the people in general should also come forward to inform the authorities whenever any such comment comes to their notice. Sources pointed out that the office of the NRC Coordinator immediately reacted to the comments made in and made it clear that the NRC is being updated under the provisions of the Indian laws under the close supervision of the Supreme Court. Adequate opportunities have been given to all genuine Indian citizens to prove their nationality. The NRC Coordinator also made it clear that India is a secular nation and the laws of the land do not differentiate citizens on the basis of religion or language. A good number of people of the State have also voiced their support to the NRC in the cyber platform, but the campaigns against the NRC have not stopped.

Sources also said that in social media platforms like the Facebook and Twitter, the visibility is more than the platforms like But in case of Facebook and Twitter also, it is not possible to scan each and every post and the people in general should be aware of their responsibilities and inform the authorities whenever any inflammatory post comes to their notice.

On the other hand, security sources said that the police and security agencies have not yet noticed any attempt by any organization to create disturbance in the State though there have been attempts to create confusion in the minds of certain sections of people with false propaganda. �It is a fact that a substantial number of people will be affected by the process of updating the NRC and with the date for publication of the final draft coming closer, attempts to launch misinformation campaign may increase. But the police and security agencies will have to be on their toes to prevent any disturbance,� sources added.

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