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Meet at Debragre village on law-and-order problem

By Correspondent

TURA, Dec 13 - The Debragre village near Tikrikilla became the base for a meeting between 23 Nokmas, youth organisations, Church elders as well as the Garo Students� Union (GSU), where a discussion on the current situation of the area was brought up.

In the meeting held recently, the participants discussed various issues related to cases of dacoity, militancy and kidnapping in the region.

�We are struggling to get rid of the fear psychosis within the people through these meetings. The area is menaced by anti-social elements that have made life difficult for even common folk. We stand united against such acts,� said GSU-Tikrikilla president, Walseng N Sangma.

Various leaders briefed the masses of the consequences and problems created by various anti-social elements within the region that were directly hampering the daily life of innocents while resolving to tackle such issues amongst themselves. They further resolved to defending their area and arranging security for every village without fear of anyone.

�We should not allow a bunch of bad people burning the dignity and face of Garo Hills through their anti-social activities, just for their selfish interests,� added Walseng.

He further pointed to the villages of Balsatgre, Dolwakgre, Jangrapara, Tebonggre and its surrounding villages who were engaging themselves in dacoities, kidnapping for ransom, killing etc., for money.

�This is ruining their own future and I request them to come to the mainstream by giving up all these acts. They should dedicate themselves for the betterment of Garo Hills,� added the GSU president.

�The army or the police cannot bring peace to Garo Hills unless the people want to. We are all responsible for the current situation. If we find someone doing wrong, it is upon us to correct that person. We need an attitude change to attain peace. We cannot fear but shout for bringing peace to our motherland if we care about it�, he added.

Walseng felt that if all groups of people owned up to their responsibilities and worked with dedication the menace of militancy could be removed from Garo Hills.

�These people will not find any place to hide anymore to discharge their anti social activities and will result in peace prevailing in Garo Hills for generations,� Walseng said.

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