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Massive erosion at Neulgaon creates panic


DERGAON, Oct 28 - Massive unabated erosion by the Brahmaputra has created panic among the residents of greater Neulgaon under Dergaon legislative Assembly constituency in Golaghat district.

It is on record that the erosion started in 2007-08 and is still continuing in the area because no proper steps have been taken by the government to stop the trend.

The embankment from Negheriting to Bankual is the only guard from the swirling waters of the mighty Red River to the villages inside the embankment.

By this time the erosion has covered several bighas of agricultural land in the area. As the unabated erosion is very near to the embankment, it has obviously become a serious concern for the residents.

On its part, the government only erected some bamboo posts and placed a few RCC porcupines, which were promptly washed away by strong currents of the turbulent river.

As the embankment is gradually thinning due to massive erosion, the villagers are therefore spending sleepless nights thinking about their predicament provided the embankment finally gives way.

It may perhaps not be out of place to mention here that the residents of Neulgaon, Kaliagaon, Bormukoli, Bokora, Chinaichuk, Amguri, Dhodang Saralapar, Roumara, Laguati, Ujirati etc., are presently passing their days at great risk.

The residents have resented the perennial apathy of the government and the indifferent attitude of the local MLA on such a serious matter of life and death.

Several organisations of the locality have demanded the government to take prompt practical steps to control the erosion at at early date.

The local people alleged that the government had pushed them to the brink of disaster by according no importance to their lives and properties.

�We are living here at great risk as the river is coming closer to our residences every moment. If the government does nothing to protect us, then we will all be washed away by the river,� a resident lamented.

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