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Many still not adhering to basic norms of checking corona spread


GUWAHATI, June 12 - Post lockdown, use of face masks, social distancing and frequent hand washing have assumed utmost importance to prevent a massive spread of the coronavirus pandemic, but a large number of people are still not adhering to these basic norms and are brazenly violating them in public places.

People are seen in the streets with masks hanging around their necks.

�I know that face masks have become an important part of our daily lives but it makes me feel a little uncomfortable. So I take it down,� a person who did not cover his face properly at a public place, said.

Mime artist Minangka Deka, who made several short stories on the proper use of face mask and social distancing, said, �People here in Guwahati are wearing masks only to avoid fines. Some of them are wearing without covering the nose and mouth. A section of the public are still not aware of the importance of wearing a mask. The police personnel should make strict vigil on this matter and penalise the violators.�

Police sources said that in Assam, people are fined with Rs 500 for not wearing a mask in public. The fine is also applicable to those who have masks hanging around their necks.

�It is the habit of the people here to break the rules. It is not only in the case of mask-wearing, but also in the case of wearing helmets. Many people here have the habit of chewing tobacco. This is also one of the reasons of not properly wearing a mask. We continuously urge the public to wear it properly,� the source added.

Police realized a total fine of Rs 45,76,000 for not wearing masks in public across the state since the imposition of the lockdown.

The Assam Police made several videos and tweets as well to sensitise the public about the importance of wearing masks to contain the virus. They also started a campaign on Twitter �Be a super hero� with a tag line �Not all superheroes are fictional! Real life heroes wash their hands and wear a mask to ensure the safety of everyone around.�

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