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Manipur bodies mourn Florida killings

By Correspondent

IMPHAL, June 15 - The LGBT community in Imphal observed a candlelight vigil here on Tuesday to share the global grief over the shoot-out at a gay nightclub in Florida on June 12. Members of NGOs like Empowering Trans Ability (ETA), All Manipur Nupi Manbi Association (AMANA) and Solidarity and Action Against HIV Infection in India (SATHI) also took part in the rally.

�We in Manipur, stand in solidarity with the families, biological and chosen, of the victims of this senseless crime,� said Santa Khurai, of the transgender community-based organisation AMANA.

The transgender community in Manipur also drew attention to the epidemic of harassment and violence that continue to haunt them everyday from the families, society and institutions.

We condemn all forms of hatred and violence, whether based on sexuality, gender, religion, caste, ethnic or tribal affiliation, a joint statement of ETA, AMANA and SATHI added. �We dare to imagine a world where there are no more mass shootings, no AFSPA, no religions dictating whom we should and should not love, and how we should and should not express our genders�. the release added.

At the national level, the community called for repeal of punitive laws like Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code and formulation of appropriate anti-discrimination laws.

In Manipur, the community called on the families and society to stop forcing LGBTIQA+ community to conform to gender norms that go against the nature of LGBTIQA+ community.

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