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Malaria contained in Tripura

By Correspondent

AGARTALA, July 17 - Malaria has been largely contained this year in Tripura due to well-designed plan and its successful implementation at the grass-root level.

Even few years back, malaria (PF) used to create havoc in the State�s hilly terrains claiming several lives and leaving so many PF patients.

According to latest data, only 61,000 malaria PF cases have been reported till June this year of the total 1,61,000 collected blood slides. And, the death toll stands at only nine.

Of the total death cases, six were in Dhalai district, two from South Tripura district and one from Khowai district, said Malaria Officer Dr Kajal Debgupta, said here on Sunday.

In spite of success in containing malaria, Dhalai district still remains a vulnerable zone for the disease. �Of the total malaria PF cases, around 50 per cent cases were reported from Dhalai district despite the fact that doctors and other staff are doing their best to contain the disease�, he said.

Dr Debgupta said the government has taken all out efforts to prevent malaria cases in hilly areas where cases of mosquito bites are more.

�To save people living in malaria-prone hamlets, over 10 lakh medicated nets have been distributed and what is encouraging trend is that villagers are using them which was unusual few years back�, he explained.

�Conducting DDT spray to destroy mosquito larva in malaria-prone hamlets also paid off this year. Now, second round of DDT spray is going on to prevent malaria cases�, he said.

Besides, ASHA workers are doing well at the grass-root level to create awareness among villagers to use mosquito nets to avoid such deadly disease, he said.

When contacted, District Magistrate of Dhalai district Vikash Singh said malaria has been controlled to a great extent this year due to all out efforts by the administration as well as the Health department.

�Not only death cases, malaria PF cases have also been reduced in the vulnerable district this year�, he added.

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