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Mahatma�s contributions recalled


GUWAHATI, Oct 3 - Mahatma Gandhi who has been described as the greatest man of the 20th century by persons like Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein was remembered and his contributions towards the freedom of India and other countries of Africa and Asia from colonial occupation were discussed at a meeting held under the auspices of Japorigog Jyotirupa Sangha at Nayanpur area here on Wednesday.

The day was also observed as the 42nd foundation day of the Sangha.

Addressing the meeting as an appointed speaker, senior journalist DN Chakravartty said Gandhi believed that real India lived in villages. He also described Gandhi as the greatest emancipator of women and as the champion of the rights of the Harijans and other under-privileged sections of the country.

Presiding over the meeting, Ramananda Phukan, president, Japorigog Jyotirupa Sangha, dwelt at length on the manifold contributions of Gandhi towards the country�s liberation, empowerment of women and enlightenment of youths and students.

Dharanidhar Talukdar spoke about the relentless fight waged by Gandhi against the British rulers and his battle against zaminders and conservative leaders of the class hierarchy.

Humourist Dr Anjanjyoti Choudhury sang a few songs and gave a short speech on the occasion.

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