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Low-cost Mathematics kit devised


GUWAHATI, Jan 30 � The Science and Mathematics Facilitators� Association (SMFA), Assam, a platform of Science and Mathematics facilitators appointed in various schools of the State, have devised a low-cost Mathematics kit to help students understand the various theories of mathematics.

The association has also claimed that the kit is reliable and affordable.

As a part of the State Science and Technology Department�s scheme, 260 facilitators of Science and Mathematics were appointed in 130 schools in 126 constituencies of the State in 2010.

�However, we have been facing various problems, like inadequate salary, lack of cooperation from heads of institutions and absence of job security. To address these issues, SMFA was formed in 2012,� a statement from the association stated.

Pratifalan, an educational magazine related to Science and Mathematics published by the association, was released today.

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