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Liberal Democratic Party backs farmers� protest

By Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Dec 2 - Terming the new agricultural laws as �anti-farmer�, the Liberal Democratic Party has extended its support to the ongoing protest being carried out in Delhi-NCR by various farmers� outfits against the recently promulgated Central Acts.

�Our State government as usual supports these laws, like they did in case of all other Bills brought by the Centre. Our economy is fundamentally based on agriculture, our soil is fertile and yet in terms of agricultural production, Assam ranks at the bottom for all major crops. In such a scenario what we need is the farmer-friendly laws to encourage production and ensure that farmers get the correct price for their produce. But the Assam government is not concerned about the low agricultural production in the State. Instead of taking strong measures to improve agricultural production, the State government is busy in supporting the new farm laws,� LDP State chairman Holiram Terang said. He added that as per the provisions of the newly enacted legislations, there is a �high possibility� that private enterprises will soon start dictating the market in terms of price.

�It is highly likely that due to this, whatever farmers of Assam are producing now will further decline in volume due to the competition from the big private players,� Terang said.

The party termed the new farm laws as totally against the interest of the marginal farmers.

�There are many loopholes (in the laws) which will eventually pave the way to monopolisation of the agriculture sector by private players. Many renowned economists are speaking against these new laws. The Central government should listen to them,� said Terang.

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