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Learning to stay happy

By The Assam Tribune

Jishnu Shreya Choudhury, Class-VIII,

Shrimanta Shankar Academy, Dispur, Guwahati.

“Mom, what kind of a cap have you gifted me? The colour is so odd,” said Rocky, angrily. Rocky, a ten-year-old, who always used to complain about various things to his mom, had again started his day with another complaint. “Oh! Mom, today’s tiffin was really horrible. Can’t you cook properly,” said Rocky to his mom after coming back from school. Each and every day, Rocky would have one or the other complaint. “Yuck! I haven’t seen a worse shirt than this one,” said Rocky when his mom gifted him a shirt. His mom finally decided to teach him a lesson. One day, Rocky was unable to find his mom in the whole house. Eventually, he found a letter on his study table. It read –

Dear Rocky,

You have always had problems with me. So now, I am leaving you forever. Take care.

– Mom

Reading this, Rocky broke down in tears as he had realised his mistake. After some time, his mother reappeared before him and told him, “Son, this was just a pretence done to teach you a lesson that you shouldn’t always complain about things. Rather, be happy with what you have. There are children who don’t even have parents, but they never complain about it. You, on the other hand, have everything, yet you aren’t happy. Learn to be happy with what you have, otherwise, a day will come when you will be left with nothing.” Rocky learnt a valuable lesson that day and never repeated the same mistake again.

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