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Lakhyadhar Choudhury�s ideals should be spread

By Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Oct 25 � No mantra or philosophy can be more elevating than Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (�the world is one family�) mentioned in one of the Upanishads, and this found best expression in the life and deeds of Lakhyadhar Choudhury, who personified simple living and high thinking.

Observing this at the inaugural function of the year-long birth centenary celebrations of �life artiste� (Jivan Silpi) Lakhyadhar Choudhury at the Pragjyoti-ITA Centre for Performing Arts today, author and journalist Homen Bargohain said that Choudhury was an extraordinary personality who always put society above self.

�Choudhury loved people. A true Gandhian and a humanist to the core, humanism and optimism shone from him like a beacon. His humanism had an infectious impact on all that came to his contact. The life he led was uniquely simple and he never allowed the complexities of life to cast even a pale shadow on his persona,� Bargohain said in his address as chief guest.

Terming him as a multi-faceted personality who excelled in diverse fields such as acting, writing, social work, politics, oration, etc., Bargohain said that his book Manuh Bisari established him as the pioneer in a hitherto unheard-of genre in Assamese literature.

�Choudhury searched for greatness in small men, and succeeded � which finds adequate reflection in Manuh Bisari. It was possible only for a man like him to write a volume like Manuh Bisari, which is a poignant paean on humanism unparalleled in our literature. This is because he practised what he preached and there was absolutely no pretension,� he said.

Recollecting his association with Choudhury, Bargohain narrated several anecdotes that bore testimony to his personality as a humanist and humourist.

Making a contrast of the values that Choudhury stood for with the moral degradation taking roots in present-day society, Bargohain said that there was an urgent need to spread his ideals for posterity. �Mahatma Gandhi has been completely relegated to the background in India today, but Europe is taking renewed interest in Gandhi by spreading his values through various means � one such being the popular �voluntary simplicity movement.� We need to make similar initiatives here,� he said.

Author and journalist Dr Nagen Saikia who formally released a volume, Lokpran-Deshpran Lakhyadhar Choudhury, comprising write-ups on Choudhury by 58 eminent personalities, besides his family members, said that Choudhury was among very few persons who could love his fellowmen without any personal interest.

Journalist and author Kanak Sen Deka, in his address, dwelt on the qualities of Choudhury � especially his humanism, optimism and humour � which made him an endearing personality for one and all.

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