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Kakopothar youth sets example to become self-reliant

By Correspondent

DOOMDOOMA, Aug 13 - Prasenjit Moran, son of late Bhubon Moran and Anila Moran of Dirak Horumesai village of Kakopothar area in Tinsukia district, has set an example to become self-reliant by way of poultry farming.

Prasenjit showed his potential when he was a student of class 4. He cultivated cabbage and sold them in the markets. He used to put up stalls at various public functions held in his village and sold biscuits, chana, chocolates, etc. He even sold firewood to manage the expenditure of his studies when he was in class 9. Thus, since his childhood, he was independent in nature and preferred to earn himself for his expanses instead of asking money from his farmer parents.

In 1997, Prasenjit started a small business. After a year, he began a grocery shop at his village with a capital of Rs 500 only. Just after two years, he started a small broiler chicken farm at his village with 50 chicks, entailing a capital of Rs 9,600 only.

In 2009, Prasenjit started a broiler hatchery unit at Kakopothar which now produces 80,000 broiler chicks per month. In 2018, Prasenjit set up a broiler layer unit at Kakopothar which produces 20,000 eggs daily.

During an interaction, Prasenjit expressed concern over the unemployment problem of the state. He has a desire to start agri farms with some interested unemployed youths of Tinsukia district.

In 2018, Prasenjit received the Chief Minister�s Inspire Award from the State Government and in 2020, he was awarded the Oikyatan Bota by TV news channel News 18 Assam North East.

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