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Junbeel Mela concludes


JAGIROAD, Jan 21 � The historic Junbeel Mela, organised by the Gobha-Tiwa-Deo-Raja Junbeel Samiti at the direction of Gobha-Deoraja, concluded today this afternoon at Junbeelpar, four kilometres from Jagiroad in Morigaon district in presence of thousands of people who had come from various parts of the country.

The mela has gained commercial importance due to its expansion day by day. Now-a-days, barter of goods along with the current system of trade is practised parallally. Subscriptions from the participating shops are collected by the representatives of the Gobha-Deoraja. During the event, traditional Tiwa songs are sung by the royal team in their traditional attire.

It is widely believed that, originally the king of Gobha, Nellie, Chahari, Khola, Pachim, Nagaon, Dimorua etc collectively took a decision to hold this famous get-together. But now-a-days, the Gobha king just declares the holding of this mela.

A temporary Rajdarbar was organised by the Junbeel Mela Samiti at the mela ground. Ancient age-old rajas from various kingdoms in the State mainly, Nellieraja, Kholaraja, Pachim-Nagaon raja, Chahariraja, Dimoruaraja etc including Gobha Deoraja, Deepsing along with his �ministerial� followers - Barbarua, Senapati, Dekadoloi, Bordoloi, Arandhara, Khataniar etc, assembled in the Rajdarbar.

Attending the Rajdarbar as a guest of honour, local MLA, Bibekananda Doloi explained the significance of the historic mela in which unique barter system of trade is still prevalent. He further appealed to all section of the people to maintain peace and harmony through this famous get-together. Earlier, the local MLA distributed cheques amounting to Rs 24,000 each to the age-old ancient 19 rajas from various kingdoms in the State as �Raja-bhatta�.

Chief Executive Member of Tiwa Autonomous Council, Rina Pator also was present on the occasion in which Jursing Bordoloi, secretary, Junbeel Mela Samiti welcomed the guests.

Three forefingers from Italy namely, Anna, Paolla and Hena, besides Dr Kharmao Pharlong, professor, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong among others visited the Junbeel Mela.

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