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Instructions on boundary walls in hills


GUWAHATI, July 19 - With the city already witnessing a number of deadly landslides so far this monsoon season, the Kamrup Metro district administration and the District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) have now directed the builders, promoters and owners of buildings and establishments in the hilly areas and foothills of Guwahati to follow scientific norms in construction of guard walls and boundary walls and said that builders or owners will be held responsible in case of collapse of such structures leading to damage to life and property and they will have to face criminal cases.

�Due to collapse of the unscientifically constructed guard walls or boundary walls in hilly areas and foothills, many incidents of damage to property and even lives have occurred in recent times. The residents of the hilly areas staying below or near such structures are facing great danger to their lives and properties,� said Dr M Angamuthu, DC of Kamrup Metro.

He added, �I am of the considered opinion that if proper regulations and scientific corrective measures are not taken in this regard in the hilly areas and foothills vulnerable to landslides, such type of incidents will continue to recur putting the public in general in a situation of great inconvenience and hardship.�

Dr Angamuthu, who is also Chairman of the DDMA, further said, �And if such incidents of collapse of guard walls or boundary walls take place causing damage to life and property of the residents or establishments near the hilly areas or foothills, the entire responsibility for such incident will fall on the builders, promoters or owners of such structures and criminal cases will be filed against them. The compensation due to the victims for the damage caused due to the collapse of such structures will be borne by the builder, promoter or owner of the damaged guard wall.�

The order comes into force with immediate effect.

Regarding the existing boundary walls and guard walls, Dr Angamuthu said the builders/owners will have to get these structures re-checked and re-examined by competent authorities or technical experts urgently and take corrective measures if necessary.

�Due to improper and unscientific construction of guard walls and boundary walls in the hilly areas and foothills, a number of cases of damage of such structures in different localities in and around the city have been reported. This has also led to blockage of different primary and secondary channels causing artificial flood, water-logging in different areas of Guwahati,� he added.

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