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Indian Muslims will live and die for India: Modi

By The Assam Tribune

News Delhi, Sep 19 (IANS): Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday said that Indian Muslims will not respond to Al Qaeda's exhortations, and will live and die for the country.

In an interview to CNN, Modi said: "If anyone thinks Indian Muslims will dance to their (Al Qaeda) tune, they are delusional. Indian Muslims will live for India, they will die for India - they will not want anything bad for India."

When asked why the Indian Muslims have remained immune to Al Qaeda's exhortations, Modi said he was not an authority on "psychological and religious" analysis on this.

He added: "The question is whether or not humanity should be defended in the world. Whether or not believers in humanity should unite. This is a crisis against humanity, not a crisis against one country or one race. So we have to frame this as a fight between humanity and inhumanity, nothing else."

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